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It wouldn’t be possible for us to do what we do without the help of some very special people.  You know who you are but just so everyone else does as well:


The "Out Of The Blue Belles" - Alison Stewart, Nina Simms & Sue Ellis - for allowing James, Ian & Mark out to play and for their great support at gigs and rehearsals.              


Darren Jones - specialist photographer and movie-maker (many of the photos and videos on this site were taken by Darren)  


Pamela Jones - Tickets, photos, video and Front of House support


David Hillier-Wheal - for his golden ears.  Dave lives a long way from Leicestershire but still makes it to many of our gigs to help out with the Front of House sound. Dave was a member of both The Men From U.N.C.L.E. and WoodFace and co-wrote some of the material that Out Of The Blue occasionally still perform live today.  


Terry Middleton - The Kirby, Shearsby & Lubenham Road Crew (Has Nic bought you that beer yet ?)


Lee “Raging” Rivers - The best live compere we’ve ever had and a great performer in his own right.  Lee also lent us his P.A. system when we really needed one !


Dan Friend - We don't actually know Dan but he was kind enough to send to send us some great photos (including some moody black and white shots) after our gig at Live on the Green in Shearsby 2013 which are on this site.  Thanks Dan !


Darrell Whitehead - We don't know Darrell either but he also spontaneaously sent us some great photos after our gig at Lubenham Scarecrow Festival 2013 which are available on the site.  Thanks Darrell !


Sam Turley - technical guru, roadie and YouTube specialist. Also takes great photos - some of which you can see on this site.


David Herbert - Great advice and extraordinary live sound engineer for our Acoustic Sounds and Walkers Stadium gigs


Vanessa Gordon - Tickets and Front of House support

........ and everyone we’ve forgotten to mention who’s helped us out at gigs - we’re bound to have offended somebody by leaving them out - if that’s you we’re sorry - we’ll put it right next time we update the site !


Thanks to all of you - we really appreciate it !

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